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Cambodia Travel Guide

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This Travel Guide is dedicated to Kingdom of Cambodia. You`ll find here complete information which is needed for traveler in Cambodia. Also there are topics about business, real estate and places to see in Cambodia.


The best place to live on the beach is Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville Guide:

With its beaches and casinos, Sihanoukville is primarily a tourist attraction, albeit one with an industrial deep water port. Because of the tourist industry the town of some 250,000 people has a more lighthearted flavour to it than Phnom Penh

Situated on the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand, Sihanoukville is a peninsula and has several beaches and small, offshore islands. It was founded in 1964 and is much more urban and modern than other Cambodian cities. .

Considering the modest amount of visitors Sihanoukville has that town features more than ample hotels, restaurants and bars. With its five beaches and three islands to relax on, Sihanoukville provides a peaceful counterpoint to Thailand's sometimes crowded beaches. Sihanoukville's Cambodian name is Kampong Som.

Everything you Need to Know about Sihanoukville

SihanoukVilleis located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam, on the Bay of Thailand. It's locally know as Kampong Som. A spread out tourist town for both foreigners and local people from all over the country. Three sides of the town are bordered by tropical beaches and islands. Filled with empty beaches, crowded beaches, seafood, restaurants, bars, Buddhist Temples, casinos, hotels, and more beaches. At several hundred places, English is spoken; and many French speakers are here as well. About 20 other languages are spoken at various guesthouses and restaurants

Getting to Sihanoukville:

From Thailand, just fly from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, about a 45 minute flight. Then take 3 to 4 hour ride by taxi or bus to Sihanoukville. Or take a 4 hour bus or car from Koh Kong island to Sihanoukville, starting just across the border near TRAT, Thailand. 

From Vietnam, just fly from Saigon or Hanoi to Phnom Penh and then by bus or taxi. Or take a bus, boat, or car across the Cambodia/Vietnam border to Phnom Penh, and then a 4 hour ride by bus or taxi to get here. Also, from the Kep, Cambodia / Vietnam border, you're just 3 hours from SihanoukVille. Flights will be arriving soon at the new airport, but not yet. Leaving Sihanoukville so soon??? Check out Ana's Travel to and from Sihanoukville page.

Layout of Sihanoukville:

When you arrive in SihanoukVille, your first stop is usually the downtown bus station at the Old New Market, coming from Phnom Penh or Koh Kong, .......or the Port coming from a cruise ship. From downtown, in the East, South, and West, there are beaches and more beaches. To the North, are small mountains going back to Phnom Penh, Kampot, Kep, and Koh Kong.



  • Камбоджа туры цены (Камбоджа экскурсии, экскурсия из паттайи в Камбоджу, тур Тайланд Камбоджа, туроператор по Камбодже, экскурсии из Тайланда в Камбоджу) ... далее
  • Камбоджа фото (видео Камбоджа) ... далее
  • Камбоджа карта (Камбоджа на карте мира, карта Вьетнама и Камбоджи) ... далее
  • Камбоджа отзывы туристов (Сиануквиль отзывы, отдых в Камбодже отзывы) ... далее
  • Ангкор Камбоджа (храмы Ангкора, Камбоджа Ангкор ват фото, Анкор Камбоджа, храмы Камбоджи ) ... далее
  • виза в Камбоджу для россиян (посольство Камбоджи в Москве) ... далее
  • из Паттайи в Камбоджу (из Тайланда в Камбоджу, Москва Камбоджа, Таиланд Камбоджа, Камбоджа Россия, Ко Чанг Камбоджа) ... далее
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  • Камбоджа самостоятельно (путешествие в Камбоджу, поездка в Камбоджу) ... далее
  • Камбоджа города (Сиануквиль Камбоджа, Сиануквилль, Камбоджа Пномпень, Пномпень столица, Камбоджа Пномпень, Пном пень, Сием Рип Камбоджа, Сием Риеп) ... далее
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  • пляжи Камбоджи (курорты Камбоджи) ... далее
  • сайт Камбоджа (форум Камбоджа, Камбоджа википедия) ... далее
  • Королевство Камбоджа (путеводитель по Камбодже скачать, Камбоджа Кампучия, страна Камбоджа, Камбоджа столица центр, новости Камбоджа) ... далее