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2,900,000 baht

ATV tours in Cambodia. ATV tours in Siem Reap

Sunset: 28 $

Starting in late afternoon, the Sunset tour takes you through 12 kilometres of the countryside immediatley surrounding Siem Reap and ends with a beautiful view of the setting sun as it dips below the rice fields.

Easy ride: 33 $

A 17 Kilometre easy ride that takes around the beautiful Wat Athwea pagoda. We make sure we take the easiest routes, so even if you're a little nervous of riding a quad, we promise you'll find it fun.

Discovery: 58 $

This 41 Kilometre trip through the countryside surrounding Siem Reap is a perfect way to discover the area and what it's like ride an All Terrain Vehicle.

Half and Full day tours: 95 $ and 165 $

A 4 or 8 hour tour that takes in a choice of locations.
Visit the Wat Athwea pagoda and the Chres Village Orphanage or take a tour to one of the less visited temples such as Prasat Pre Monti. Or simply enjoy the countrside and villages where life, almost untouched by a fast changing Asia, goes on much as it has for centuries.

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